The girl behind the glam

Hey there, I’m Raquel!

I am a Seattle based certified bridal makeup artist that specializes in "you but better" looks that are timeless and classic.

As a hopeless romantic, I found my passion in bridal makeup. 

I love meeting new brides, connecting with them and getting to learn all about their vision for their wedding day. I started my bridal makeup business to provide beauty-obsessed millennials, like myself, with a luxury experience that goes above and beyond what you would expect in a makeup artist.

I have always had a love of learning from the greatest makeup artists and being inspired

From being a young girl playing with my mom's makeup collection, to doing all of my girlfriend's makeup for high school dances, college events, and their weddings, to reading all of Bobbi Brown's makeup books.  I have had the privilege of being taught by world renowned makeup artists Lauren D'Amelio, Lina Zuniga, and Vero Verdaguer

Enneagram 3, type A as they come... but I live for an ice cream come and swear I liked blush pink before anyone else.




I have a self published photography book


I am Colombian and born and raised in Washington D.C.  


I have the sweetest black kitty and her name is Evee


When i'm not doing bridal makeup on weekend, I'm at my full time job during the week at a bio tech company.  

Your at-a-glance guide to where I stand on all the truly important things.

Favorite indulgence

Strawberry milkshake

celeb i'd love to meet

Florence Pugh

Guilty pleasure

Reality TV

alternate universe job:


favorite place i've been:


drink of choice

Frozen strawberry margarita

can't live without

Sugar. I need all the sugary things in my life!

usually craving

Pasta...always pasta 

beach vs mountains

Beach, beach, baby

favorite show to binge

Vanderpump Rules

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