5 Tips to Help You Prepare For Your Bridal Makeup Trial

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Your bridal makeup trial is coming up and you have no idea what to do or how to prepare, HELP! Take a deep breath- i’m here to help you! This guide will help you prepare for your trial so you feel ready when the time comes! Here are 5 steps you can take to prepare for your bridal makeup trial.

1. Have inspiration pictures ready to show your makeup artist so you can get an idea of what you would like your wedding day makeup to look like. Pinterest and Instagram are great resources! Look at your artist’s Instagram page or portfolio to see which looks they have done that you may love. Keep in mind that when looking at inspiration pictures on Pinterest, a lot of these photos are heavily edited and may not be true to how the person in the photo actually looked like.

Inspiration pictures will help you and your MUA get on the same page for your bridal look and will help steer you in the right direction. Don’t go into your trial without an idea of what you want and definitely don’t “leave it up to the artist.” What your artist may think will look great on you, may be something you actually don’t like. So please have some photos ready to show! Look for photos of someone that has very similar features as you- brown/blonde hair, blue/brown/green eyes, same eye shape, same skin tone, etc. When you choose photos of someone that has complete opposite features as you, it doesn’t give a realistic expectation as to what your makeup will look like.

2. Wear your hair in a similar way as your wedding day (or if you can schedule your hair trial on the same day, even better!). This will help you get a better idea of how the makeup will look with your hair done.

3. Similar to #2, wear the same color of your wedding dress to your makeup trial. Whether it’s white, black, red or pink, wearing the same color as your dress will help you see how your makeup will look on your wedding day.

4. If you are getting lash extensions, a spray tan, microblading/brow tint, dermaplaning, or any other treatments/services done on your wedding day, make sure to get them done before your trial as well so you can have a similar feel and look of the makeup for your wedding day. For example, if you are getting lash extensions done for your wedding day, make sure you get them done for your trial as well. This way your MUA doesn’t put on a lash strip that gives a totally different look than your lash extensions, which will throw off the whole look. The goal here is to make you look as close to your wedding day look as possible!

5. Lastly, make sure you are taking care of your skin and drinking plenty of water! Use hydrating products that are good for the skin. Moisturize a lot and don’t forget about your lips- I can’t tell you the amount of people that forget to moisturize their lips! I recommend using a lip scrub at least once a week and using a hydrating lip balm every day through out the day and right before bed. I love the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask!

I hope these tips help you feel more prepared for your bridal makeup trial!

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